Mini "Phoenix" | 5x7" Print | SECONDS

Mini "Phoenix" | 5x7" Print | SECONDS

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This illustration is meant to celebrate not just Asian American women, but all women, through the lens of symbolism commonly found in Chinese art. 
The floral headpiece was inspired by traditional Chinese headdresses and the chosen flowers represent aspects of feminine strength. The peony represents honor and (inner) beauty. Cherry blossoms represent feminine power. The lotus flower represents beauty and resilience.⁠⁣⁣
I love the powerful imagery of a flower that grows from dark muddy depths in order to bloom under the sun. There is much to admire in those who fight through adversity and become better for it. ⁠⁣⁣
In Chinese art, dragons represent the male whereas the phoenix represents the female. The phoenix is a symbol of high virtue and grace, strong character and fidelity. They represent rebirth which conjure up images of resiliency, the ability to rise from the ashes. ⁠Does this sound a lot like the amazing women you and I know, cherish and admire in our lives? Heck yeah it does!⁠ 
Lady, you are a badass phoenix! This drawing is for you, to remind you of the beauty that resonates from your character and the strength within you, not from what you look like or what size your jeans are. You have what it takes to push through the mud and make it through the fire.


Gift this print to a phoenix you admire in your life or order it for yourself as a celebration of ALL that you are. 


Due to the handmade nature of these pins, please expect there to be differences between each one. These variations are part of the handmade process and make each item unique!


SECONDS | 50% discount

I originally ordered these prints in a custom size for a customer. The color matching was not done properly by the printer and does not reflect the original illustration correctly. Besides the coloring being more muted than the original, there are no other misprints or imperfections. If you like the palette and size, this print is perfect for you!!

-Print size: 5 x 7in

-This print is a high quality reproduction of an original digital illustration.

-Note: Due to monitor differences, actual colors of the product may vary slightly from what appears online.