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"I love my ocean and wildlife stickers purchased from Sowing Ground! The detail and design of each one is so awesome and unique! I use my stickers for my scuba dive logbook and gift them to my fellow ocean loving friends."


"Sowing Ground's products are all so beautifully thought out and designed. The artist, Jessica, obviously puts great care, intention, and great detail into her art and patterns. I particularly love all her cards! I will definitely be purchasing more birthday and blank cards in the future."

"I purchased the Hammered Birthday card to keep on hand for upcoming birthdays. I'm so impressed with the quality of the cards I've purchased from Sowing Ground. They feel like quality paper and the printing is great! I've already given away several cards from her and I feel great supporting a local artist in the process. Plus, who doesn't love all the fun cats? Jessica is such a sweet human being and a pleasure to support."



"Honestly, it’s one of my favorite stickers and it was great being able to talk and be connected on Instagram."



"I have never been a greeting card person, but I finally figured out that it’s not that I don’t enjoy cards, it’s that I don’t enjoy boxed cards. These handmade cards check every box: local, handmade, small business, ethically sourced, and designs match my interests. I love the cat print designs the most! I foster kittens with the Humane Society, and being able to send a postcard that has a print that feels personal to me is what changed my opinion on cards overall."



"I loved the quality specifically of the letter sets! The envelopes felt so thick and sturdy, and the hand drawn line work was so intricate! I also had been eyeing some of the kelp critter stickers so a while, and I’m so glad that I picked them up - they’re so detailed, and I have a special place in my heart for kelp forests. I was also pleasantly surprised at how quickly the order came :) Can’t wait to order again in the future!!"

"I love everything from Sowing Ground! Jessica is so very personable and talented. The quality is excellent and I am proud to support such a wonderful local artist."



"As a biologist, I am a lover of all wildlife and sea creatures. I was ecstatic to find a local artist who highlights the uniqueness and wonder of wild creatures. The artistic touch and design of each animal card pack is stunning. I am incredibly impressed with the overall quality, attention to detail, and packaging of everything I ordered. I will order again! I already have my eyes set on a few new stickers that I will be purchasing soon."


I am OBSESSED with my stickers and cute cards! I stocked up on kitty stickers and cards for Christmas/wedding season! Jessica is so kind and thoughtful, she included a handwritten thank you note. The shipping was very fast and the quality is amazing. I can’t wait to add more to my sowing ground collection!


I love my letter sets! They are so cute and help me feel closer to friends during this difficult time. I'm planning on gifting some letter sets for Christmas as well. They come with envelopes so it makes things super easy to just write the letter, stick it in the envelope and you're good to go! They bring me joy. :)


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"I was excited to get the medium surprise bundle, and I was not disappointed! I love the shell print and the thank you card. The stickers have already found a home on my water bottle. Very happy with my purchase."


"I purchased this beautiful print for a friend of mine who is a cardiac nurse. The artwork is beautiful AND anatomically correct, so she loved it! I have purchased multiple items from Sowing Ground and will continue to do so!"


"Sowing Ground's artwork is breathtaking. I have been following her work for a while on social media and fell in love with a piece she created in honor of her heritage. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to bring it to my home. I still need to find the perfect frame for that beauty. I also purchased some really beautifully printed stickers. I'm being very picky about where I put them because they are not just stickers - they are works of art!"


"I love that this card was just what I wanted. Congratulations plus cacti."



Super personable and sweet artist who doesn't just create art, but also has great, thoughtful online content about art and process! Beautiful quality to all the different print types. The artwork is a lovely and fun take on so many plants and animals. Sowing Ground comes out with a diversity of subjects, it's hard not to love and collect them all, especially those cats 🐈! I've sent these postcards and greeting cards to my family too and I never fail to get a call back saying the art is special and gorgeous!


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