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Welcome! Meet Jessica, founder of and the artist behind Sowing Ground, a creative design and illustration brand. SG is the field in which she cultivates creative illustrations and handmade goods for people to enjoy in their home, office or to gift to cherished friends and family. Jessica's mission is to bring a bit of cheer and smiles into people’s lives through doing what she loves, creating.

Sowing Ground is rooted in the joy of gifting and sharing. Jessica has always loved making handmade and personalized cards for her friends and family. These are tokens of love taking form, thoughtfully and intentionally tailored to the details of who the recipient is and what the he/she enjoys or likes. With a background in fine arts, Jessica enjoys exploring how her skills can be used to share these gifts with you and those you care about.

When she is not in her studio, Jessica enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, trying new restaurants, lounging in the company of her house plants, petting cats and exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest where she resides with her husband.

An online store is in the works, stay tuned! Connect with Jessica on Instagram @sowingground to see the latest products, news and art!

Please feel free to contact Jessica with any inquiries. Thank you for visiting!

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